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Brazil joins the International Trademark System


Brazil has joined today the International Trademark System administered by WIPO. Brazil is not only one of the world's top ten economies but also Switzerland's largest trading partner in Latin America. As of October 2, 2019, it will be possible to designate Brazil in an international trademark. That will be a major benefit for securing trademark rights in this country as opposed to a national application. Indeed, this route will be cheaper (no translation cost, no need for appointment of a local representative, multiple-class option) and shorter (examination period reduced to 18 months from filing). Following this, other Latin America countries are expected to join the Madrid Protocol soon. 


Strenghtening of SEDIN team

Photo Isabelle

Isabelle Bruder has joined today the legal department of SEDIN SA. She worked as an IP Lawyer for 12 years including 6 years in Switzerland for various leading IP firms. Her expertise covers the protection and defense of your trademarks, designs, domain names and copyrights.


An apple is an apple. Really ?

apple news

On April 9, 2019, Apple Inc. won a case before the Swiss Supreme Court for the registration of the trademark "Apple" applied for jewelry and other goods in class 14 and electronic toys hereunder computer and video games in class 28. The Supreme Court overturned a decision of the Federal Administrative Court. The latter found that in examining the distinctive character of a sign, it should be looked at as applied for and any effective use or perceptions of the relevant public disregarded. However, the Supreme Court pointed out that if a word has several meanings, the meaning as understood by the relevant public as the most important cannot be ignored. As "Apple" is one of the best known brands in the world, the average Swiss consumer does not primarily recognize "Apple" as a fruit, that is in its literal meaning, but directly as an indication of the concerned company, Apple Inc. The sign is consequently distinctive for the designated goods.


World Anti-Counterfeiting Day

! counterfeit goods

Established by Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group in 1998, World Anti-Counterfeiting Day is held today as every June. It aims at raising public awareness on the extremely damaging effects of counterfeiting and piracy, at both health and economic levels. In 2018, the total value of counterfeit and pirated products caught by Swiss customs authorities amounted to 18.9 millions Swiss francs. They mainly consist of handbags, travel bags, watches and jewelry. 
In the fight against counterfeits, it is as much important to watch the market, especially the online selling platforms, as to take measures through Swiss Customs assistance, criminal complaints and legal actions to stop the selling and claim damages. On top of intervening where the products are sold, actions must be taken in the countries of manufacturing and transit. Sedin can assist you on these steps in Switzerland as well as in Turkey, the second largest counterfeit market behind China, through our partner firm Deris.


Swiss patents - Decrease in official annuity fees

swiss patents

As of July 1, 2019 the fees to maintain a Swiss patent in force will reduce considerably. Over the entire maximum duration of protection, patent owners will save CHF 1'440, being a reduction of more than 15%. It will therefore be more advantageous to keep the patent alive throughout its entire life time of 20 years. Please contact us for a detailed overview of the revised annual fees.


SEDIN's new website now available

new website

Our new website has been launched. It reflects our new identity and our core values. We hope you will enjoy the visit. You will access insightful news and articles with more to regularly be added. Please let us know your feedback and contact us for any question.


World Intellectual Property Day 2019 – IP and Sports

Reach for Gold

On the occasion of World IP Day events at WIPO in Geneva, Olga Fayad was present at WIPO. With the motto “Reach For Gold”, this year’s celebrations focus on the role that IP plays in encouraging  innovation and creativity in sports. 


Apple lost against Swatch and its tagline Tick Different


As decided by the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland, Apple failed against Swatch's trademark "Tick Different" for watch products in class 14 (decision of March 15, 2019, B-5334/2016). Apple did not hold prior trademark rights in its tagline "Think Different" in class 14 and relied on the US unregistered mark arguing that it was notorious . However, the Court found that this tagline was not sufficiently known in Switzerland. Swatch can therefore keep its trademark and use it freely. After the decision, Apple filed its trademark in class 14 in Switzerland, but being younger, it is not effective against the prior rights of Swatch. Competitive markets are a race against the clock and the first to protect the trademark is most often the winner ! Read more in PUBLICATIONS.


SEDIN will attend INTA Annual Conference


As with every year, SEDIN will be present at the annual conference of the International Trademark Association (INTA) gathering more than 10'000 participants involved in intellectual property. The convention takes place in Boston  from May 18 to May 22, 2019. SEDIN will be represented by Nathalie Lara.

If you would like to meet her during the event, please do not hesitate to contact her for a meeting proposal.


Brexit impact on European Union (EU) trademark rights


If the UK Parliament agrees on a Brexit deal, the validity of EU IP rights will be governed by the draft Withdrawal Agreement of March 19, 2018. EU trademark (EUTM) registrations will automatically be converted into national registrations keeping the filing and registration date. For pending EUTM applications, it will be possible to apply for a UK trademark without losing the filing date during the transition period (duration not known yet). International trademarks designating the EU will be treated the same way but the protection mechanism has not yet been decided.

In the case of a no-deal Brexit, the UK government has already prepared measures for EUTM registrations and applications ensuring the same rights in the UK as described above. A similar situation is envisaged for international trademarks designating the EU.

As no agreement was voted on on 29 March 2019, it is currently uncertain if a transition period will apply and if so, for how long. We will inform you of any new developments.


Canada joins the International Trademark System


On March 17, 2019 Canada joined the International trademark system (the Madrid System) which will come into effect on June 17, 2019 . On this date, it will be possible to designate Canada under an international trademark application or subsequently designate the country in an existing registration. With Canada acceding the Madrid System, it will be easier and less expensive for companies to protect their trademarks in Canada.